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Captain Leo: Prologue-Chapter 1

Captain Leo: Prologue

Time can’t change our thoughts completely. What we don’t know is always impossible for us and science fiction replaces future events almost all the time. Reality, yes, we are more than six thousand million of human beings and every year we are raising in one hundred million. We are slaves of consumerism, the one who hides beneath the globalization label and great invention of corporations who, with extremely sharp intelligence, make us endanger our planet without noticing.

All what is written here might be mere imagination or perhaps not. It would be too much vanity to believe that is insignificant but it would also be too much skepticism if we believe that nothing is real. Now, the question is, how creativity appears and develops? Could it be because of what we see in our daily life mixed with the labor of millions of cells that travel silently and unstoppable in our brain?

This story started in a day like another, all of a sudden and in a really odd way. Here you will find an important message: Start a chain reaction of ecological awareness in order to protect our habitat and assure a better future to our next generations. 
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