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Captain Leo-Exordium

This comic is based on the novel "Grama…possible Eden". The comic "Capitán Leo" was published in Spanish in September 2002 by El Comercio Publishing House whereas the novel "Grama...possible Eden" was published by Bruño Publishing House in 2006. Nowadays, the comic and the novel are being translated in English so they can be shared internationally.

Year 4290

The earth is just a dead planet that spins uninhabited in the space.
When the ozone layer finally disappeared, animals, plants and almost all humanity perished.

People remaining managed to survive by traveling to Blue Terra, a planet similar to the Earth. Unfortunately, this planet seems to be condemned to disappear too.

This leader of the survivors is Captain Leo, a brave scientist that decided to depart in his spaceship to try to find a new place to live and save the humankind.

Captain Leo's team is integrated by extraordinary companions:

Maris, scientist and expert in transforming species using genetic experiments.

Columba. Has the ability to fly with wings that grow from her back whenever she feels danger.

Botswar, half human and half robot.

Traveling into the space they found another solar system that has a new planet similar to the Earth called Grama.

When they landed in Grama, they foun Maridia, a girl who has been chased by a fierce creature called crotka.

Captain Leo manages to destroy the horrible beast and saves Maridia who was really scared. But the story just begins...

Chapter 1

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